The Long Day Before Chords Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Intro | G | G |

G In the old days and the newer days D The present days and the future days Em G C Tomorrow will never be late D G D G If your dreams can come true
G On the true days and the lyin' days D The proud stays in the purple haze Em G C It's floating down from the sky D G D G That's where it shows
G On the TV and the news cast G They're never gonna talk about D On the front page of the internet You're never gonna see about Em G C The big thing in the room D G D G That's happenin' right now
C In the long day before G To the night of the morning after it Em G C We'll live on as a memory of fate
G It's so faint that you can't see it D So large that's you and me Em G C It's nothing if not the dream we have D G D G It's not coming true
Instru | G | D | Em G | C D | G |
G People swear it's a conspiracy D A dirty trick to get you and me Em G C Into believing D G D G Something's not real
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